When it was announced in December 2010 that Summerwine Jive was to be no more, a group of us decided to do something about it. We were concerned that Holmfirth would be losing a valuable asset and so formed VibeJive in February 2011.

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Jan 24, 2012

Bulletin - 25th January 2012

Glitz & Glam is the theme!!! VibeJive's 1st Anniversary Spectacular Party Bash will be held on 15th February from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm - it’s CELEBRATION TIME!!!! Come and join in the party - and we mean PARTY!!! We are thrilled with our first year and we know lots of you are too - not been before? Who cares! We love you already, come and join in!

This Wednesday, 25th Feb will be a great night with Linda and Steve Bettany doing both Beginners and Intermediate - how good were they last time? Very popular session and we are so looking forward to having them back!!

Upcoming classes are 01.2.12 FWF/08.2.12 Dawn & Shirley/15.2.12 ANNIVERSARY PARTY/22.2.12 Dawn & Shirley and Eric & Sandra/29.2.12 Dawn & Shirley/7.3.12 FWF/14.3.12 Dawn & Shirley/21.3.12 Dawn & Shirley & Eric & Sandra/28.3.12 Michelle Ellwood — what a fantastic line up!!!

Only £6.00 on door and 10th visit’s free so works out at only £5.40!! Why not bring a friend and spread the love of dance — first visit’s FREE so nothing to lose!!

Start clocking up your attendances to be subsidised at our next party - more info soon but the Christmas Party is ALREADY BOOKED — WE DIDN’T WANT TO MISS OUT ON A GREAT VENUE!!! More info in next month’s Newsletter but put 7th December in your diary!!

Check us out on FACEBOOK - We have our own page VibeJive Community and add yourself to VibeJive News on FACEBOOK.