When it was announced in December 2010 that Summerwine Jive was to be no more, a group of us decided to do something about it. We were concerned that Holmfirth would be losing a valuable asset and so formed VibeJive in February 2011.

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Apr 21, 2019


Yes it's that time of year when YOU get the chance to catch up on what Vibejive is planning and add your ideas and comments. There's still chance for you to nominate yourself for the committee if you like and please do make any suggestions or feedback so we know what you think of what we do. If you can't attend please send any comments via email before the meeting. Lat year's minutes are attached to this email if any of you have trouble sleeping at night!! The meeting will start at 7pm on Wed then we will be dancing as usual from 8.

Graham is back this week leading the fray with some of his rather elegant moves. Come and join us!! Still only a fiver.
Check out our facebook page for last week's beginner and intermediate moves with Tracey. If you can't see them please send a friend request.