When it was announced in December 2010 that Summerwine Jive was to be no more, a group of us decided to do something about it. We were concerned that Holmfirth would be losing a valuable asset and so formed VibeJive in February 2011.

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Jul 9, 2019

It's Holmfirth Arts Week so the hall is not available. However we are organising a trip over to Stockport Town Hall if anyone is interested. Please email [email protected] if you want to be added to the list to get £1 discount on the door. Next week Tracey will be back with us as usual - see you then!!

Jun 25, 2019

Yes the lovely Tracey is back this week with Craig demoing and spinning the discs - virtually!! Also due to our little disaster last Wed we are offering a £2 entry to anyone who came last week to make up for there being no class. Do come and join us!

Jun 18, 2019

So Flaming June is a bit of a washout BUT here at Vibejive we can promise you some heat on the dancefloor! Graham's moves are always smooth and lovely so come on down and give it a whirl. It may be raining but there's always music in our hearts and our feet!!

Jun 10, 2019

We are in for a treat this week as Chris returns to wow us with his music and entertain us with some great moves. Come along and join us - you know it makes sense!

Jun 2, 2019

Yes this week Michelle "southern lass" is back, assisted by Craig - it'll be fun and we might even learn some moves too!!

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